Bloatarian Brewing League

March Club Meeting – Thermometer Calibration and Basic Brewing Math


Fri, March 18, 7pm – 11pm

Norwood Community Center, 1810 Courtland Avenue, Cincinnati, OH (map)

Ever wonder if your mash thermometer is telling you the correct temperature? Bring your thermometer into the meeting. We’ll have a calibrated lab thermometer that you can use to verify your own thermometer’s temperature reading.

We will also be going over some basic brewing math. These are some simple calculations that every brewer should know how to do to aid in your brew session.

There will be a collection for any AHA National Homebrew Competition entries that are to be dropped off in Indianapolis.

In addition, we have some club members who are digging up hop rhizomes from their hop gardens and will be passing the rhizomes out at the meeting.  If you’ve been considering growing your own hops, this is the perfect excuse to start.  See you Friday!


Basic Brewing Math

Thermometer+Hydrometer Calibration

Beer Line Length and Pressure Calculator