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April Club Meeting: ALL ABOUT HOPS!

April 5, 2012

Friday, April 20, 2012  —  7-11pm at Norwood Community Center

Join us in April for a hoppin’ good time as we will discuss this much loved and vital ingredient of the beer making process. Everything you wanted to know about hops is on the table for discussion. We’ll talk about the different ways and reasons to use your hops during the brew day along with the characteristics and expectations from the different varieties, provide technical info on utilization and how to calculate IBU’s and HBU’s. We’ll also discuss hop bursting and dry-hopping techniques that homebrewers use as well as tips on growing and using your own!

Word around the wort chiller is that a few club members will also have hop rhizomes available!  Varieties include Nugget, Cascade and Glacier – all known to grow well in our area.

Bring along your hoppy beers, hop experiments, single-hopped, double-dry-hopped (but no ‘triple-hopped lite beers’ please!) or any other creatively hopped homebrews.

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