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January 2013 Bosmopolitan

January 10, 2013

December Board Meeting Minutes

In Attendance: Mark H., Dick M., Ray S., Ray G., Andy M., Joe G., Peggy and Phil M., Rob and Roxanne W., Bob S., Dave H.

Toast @ 7:27PM

November board meeting minutes were approved.

Discussion of the coordination of master membership list and sign in sheet.  Ray S. to reformat master membership list to be more conducive for printing out for the sign in sheet for the meetings.  Verily.

Phil M. proposed the following resolution to further define the Treasurer’s reporting responsibilities: “Resolve that the Treasurer/Minister of Commerce and Finance shall present to the Board of Directors quarterly Cash Flow Statements showing the source and use of funds for the quarter and year to date.  The statements shall be based on calendar quarters and shall include a copy of the latest checking account statement available for the quarter.”  Board voted on the resolution which passed unanimously.

Bockfest: Website setup and we are waiting until closer to the competition to open it up for registration.  The competition will be held in a different room this year which will be better suited for holding the competition.  Competition is registered with the BJCP.

January Board Meeting: January 7th at the Meyers.

Holiday Party tentatively scheduled for January 12 and Norwood Community Center at 6 PM.  Ray G. need to confirm that the date is available.

Board conducted 2013-2014 Officer appointments: Phil Meyer for Treasurer, Ray G. for President Emeritus, Joe Geil for Secretary, Rob W. for President, Ray S. for President of Vice.

Beer and Sweat: Drawbridge Inn is really closing down.  Need to find new venue for Beer and Sweat.  Andy M. has been working with Northern Kentucky Chamber of Commerce in search for a new venue.  Andy M. is looking for volunteers to help evaluate.  Phil M., Andy M., Mark H., and J. Elliot have signed up to help out.

Peggy M. has volunteered to stay on as Chief Steward for another year.

Another brew session is scheduled with the German Heritage Museum for May 5th.

Group brew @ noon on December 8th at Westendorfs.  Send announcement to the club.

Meeting adjourned @ 8:15 PM

Overheard at the Board Meeting:

“WHAT?!?” Ray S. upon reading the newly revised duties of the Vice  President

Have you recently toured a brewery, been to a new favorite beer bar, or have some other beer related news you’d like to share with the club? Let us know and we’ll include it in the newsletter.


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