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January 2013 Bosmopolitan

January 10, 2013

January Board Meeting Minutes

In Attendance: Ray G., Rob and Roxanne W., Phil M., Andy M., Bryan E., Ray S., Joe G., Dick M., John Z.

Toast @ 7:19PM

December board meeting minutes were not approved as they were not yet published.  Flog the Secretary to get the meeting minutes published.

Phil M. presented the 2012 end of year financials.  Overall club ended strong financially.  Discussed changes for next year that may influence the cash flow in 2013.  Initially appears we should be in a strong financial position throughout 2013.

Beer and Sweat: Group toured potential venues for Beer and Sweat in response to the announced closing of the Drawbridge Inn.  Contract has been signed with the Holiday Inn Cincinnati Airport.  Details of the contract were discussed with the board and the contract is very comparable to the previous contract with the Drawbridge Inn.  Discussed the difference in room layout and what it means for room organization.  Since this is the 25th anniversary of Beer and Sweat, a suggestion was made to nominate a Beer and Sweat 25th Anniversary Special Event Coordinator whose duty would be to organize appropriate chaos to celebrate the 25th anniversary.  Ray Gerdes volunteered for the position.

Holiday Social on Saturday, January 10th.  Norwood Community Center is all set for us to attend.  Send out more reminders to club through website/Twitter/etc.

March club meeting: Can’t meet on the third Friday since the Norwood Community Center is reserved for the entire St. Patrick’s Day weekend.  Suggested to move the club meeting to either March 8th or March 22nd.  Board agreed to move it to March 22nd.  Rob Westendorf is to verify availability of the Norwood Community Center for the 22nd.

Roxanne discussed survey that she plans to distribute to the BBL members to get a better feel for what they want for club events, meeting topics, etc.  Discussed possible survey items.  Roxanne will forward the survey onto the Secretary for club distribution when it is complete.

Legal Update: The Ohio pro brewer bill which would have raised the allowable alcohol limit for beer sold in Ohio to 12% recently failed.  The state legislature is discussing combining the ideas from the proposed pro brewer bill with the proposed language from the homebrewer bill into one bill.  Given the sections of the law they are modifying, this may be the best move for all groups.  However, very little is known about the current proposed language.  Check with Chris N. to get more details on the current progress.

All Grain Club Equipment: John Z. discussed status of equipment in stock for the club owned all-grain equipment kit and items yet needed.  John should be able to obtain the remaining items shortly.  Rob Westendorf declared the system will be ready for the Garagemahal brewout.

Garagemahal Brewout: Keep the word out on this event.  February 23rd.

Membership forms:  Rob W. proposed getting rid of the tri-fold handout membership form and going with business cards.  Argued that the business cards are easier to hand out and that by directing people to our membership application details on the website will satisfy the legal requirement for a person to be presented with the membership details before joining.  Board approved.

Bockfest: March 2nd.  Competition is registered and the website is up.  Registration is scheduled to open on February 1.  Will start soliciting for volunteers for the event soon.

Discussed transition plan for new board.  Ray S. is acting as Membership Coordinator.  Andy M. is Raffle Coordinator.  Discussed membership forms for club meeting sign-in and how to easily distinguish paid members with unpaid members.  Changes are to be applied for the Holiday Social.

February Board Meeting: need a location.  Dick Mahiques volunteered.  Board approved.

No meeting topic scheduled for February meeting yet.  Rob W. volunteered to get an appropriate meeting topic covered.

Rob Westendorf also declared that those people sitting next to John Zeller are allowed to slap John across the face to silence him if deemed necessary.  Board approved.

Meeting adjourned @ 8:55 PM

Have you recently toured a brewery, been to a new favorite beer bar, or have some other beer related news you’d like to share with the club? Let us know and we’ll include it in the newsletter.


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