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February 2013 Bosmopolitan

February 5, 2013

February Club Meeting — Belgian Dark Ales

Friday, February 8, 2013 – 7-11pm at Norwood Community Center

Come join us in visiting the dark side of Belgium! “Belgian Dark Ales” covers a lot of territory, but we’ll focus on the maltier side of Belgium.  Styles we’ll discuss include the Trappist dubbels and strong dark ales, but we’ll also cover some of the darker offerings from secular breweries, as well as including some domestic interpretations. The presentation will feature recipes and techniques, as well as sampling some of the unique malts and sugars used in these beers. And, of course, we’ll taste some beer! We’ll have some classic Trappist examples, and some beers you may not be familiar with. “Expert tasters” will give their descriptions of the beer while you have it in hand, so you can get yourself calibrated both as a judge and potential brewer. Come drink with us!

Have you recently toured a brewery, been to a new favorite beer bar, or have some other beer related news you’d like to share with the club? Let us know and we’ll include it in the newsletter.


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