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Bockfest Events

February 26, 2013


On March 2nd  BBL will again host it’s annual Bockfest Homebrew Competition in conjunction with the Cincinnati Bockfest festival.  This is a Bock beer only competition – Helles Bock, Traditional Bock, Dopplebock, Eisbock, Weizenbock or a specialty beer with a Bock beer base style.

Registration is complete with 50 entries, however judges and stewards may still signup at bockfest.brewcomp.com.

Parade: Friday March 1, 2013

The Bockfest Parade  will start to form in front of Arnold’s Bar and Grill, located at 210 East 8th Street, at 5:00PM and steps off on Main Street at 6:00PM. All Bloats, spouses, friends etc welcome to walk with us.

Bockfest Hall / Judging Location: Saturday, March 2, 2013 at 11:00 AM

Christian Moerlein Brewing Company
1621 Moore Street Cincinnati, OH 45202


Awards: Prizes will be awarded for first, second, and third place for each category (to be determined based on the numbers of entries in each style, etc.). An additional prize will be awarded for “Best Bock Beer” (BOS).

Special Prize: The Christian Moerlein brewing company will select one entry from the Traditional Bock (5B) category to be used as the recipe for a 2014 Hudy Bock release.

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