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April Club Meeting — Sour Beers

April 9, 2013

April 19, 2013  —  7-11pm at Norwood Community Centersour1

Award-winning local brewmaster and lifetime Bloatarian Jason Roeper of Rivertown Brewing Co will join us to discuss this interesting and controversial style.

Pucker up, it’s time to put on your sour puss! April’s meeting features Sour Beers. Lambics, Flanders’, Berliners, maybe even Kentucky Common! But you say you’re hesitant to turn your wort over to the wild bugs? We’ll do our best to convince you to take the plunge! Our speaker this month is Lifetime Member Jason Roeper. Jason has been a Bloatarian for nearly 20 years, and together with fellow Bloat Randy Schlitz went professional four years ago, founding the Rivertown Brewery. Rivertown’s portfolio currently includes a number of sour offerings, including Old Sour Cherry Porter, Ojos Negros, Lambic, and Ville de Rivere Geuze. Jason’s history with sour beers goes back quite a ways, including reaching the finals of the Sam Adams Longshot competition (actually he won, but Boston Beer couldn’t make his beer to include it in their commercial operation). He’ll talk to us about simple ways to make a truly wild beer, and how to learn the patience to let the bugs do their job. We’ll have samples of a number of commercial sour beers (including Rivertown), and certainly a few members will bring some of their efforts along for the ride.

(disclaimer… this is NOT Jason!)

Sour Beers with Jason Roeper of Rivertown Brewing Company from Bosmo on Vimeo.

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