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March 2016 Bosmopolitan

March 17, 2016

March Board Meeting Minutes

In attendance: Aaron M, Rob and Roxanne W, Steve B, Jerry H, Joe G, Ray G

Start: 7:06  End: 7:56

-Bockfest didn’t lose money!

-March Club Meeting Topic – Beer Madness

-April Club Meeting Topic – Hop Talk

-May Club Meeting – Bloat Open @ The Eddy

-National Homebrew Day – 5/7 @ Rivertown

-Rivertown looking for entry level brewer.  Charlie to provide job posting to Joe.

-Beer and Sweat sponsorship letter going out

-Sarah is a liar

-Minister of Propaganda and Bockfest Coordinator position is open again…

-discussed active membership numbers much lower than this time last year

-NHC registration opens

-Roxanne registered the club for club night

-need to a get an idea of how many Bloats are attending, make a showing at club night

-Beer and Deer is Memorial Day weekend, possibly that Sunday

Have you recently toured a brewery, been to a new favorite beer bar, or have some other beer related news you’d like to share with the club? Let us know and we’ll include it in the newsletter.


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