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December 2016 Bosmopolitan

December 27, 2016

January Meeting – Holiday Social

January 21, 2017 – 7pm-10pm at Norwood Community Center

Mark your calendar! BBL will again gather to revel in chaos and toast to another successful and fun year of BBL activities on SATURDAY, January 21, 2017. Board Meeting to be held ~5:30. Doors open at 6pm, dinner at 7:00pm

Bring a dish and beer to share. Of course, beer and food pairings always welcome along with foods made with beer.
If you wish to participate in the bottle exchange bring a wrapped 750ml bottle of COMMERCIAL beer (NO homebrew!). Also, we ask that a minimum of $10 be spent on the bottle you submit for the exchange…no one wants a bomber of Budweiser, or even Boston Lager, Fat Tire, etc. Hint: Give something that you would like to receive!

Have you recently toured a brewery, been to a new favorite beer bar, or have some other beer related news you’d like to share with the club? Let us know and we’ll include it in the newsletter.


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