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February 2017 Bosmopolitan

February 17, 2017

February Board Meeting Minutes

Meeting Start: 7:05 PM

In Attendance: Full Board

New Brewery Opening: Brink Brewing in College Hill opens on Sunday, February 19th

SheBrew Update: Three entries received from BBL members for this national women-only competition

Bockfest 2017BBL is signed up to participate in the parade on Friday night. There are at least two fish fry options nearby during the parade time. The route will be the same as last year. At 5 o’clock anyone interested in marching in said parade should gather in front of Arnold’s on 8th Street. The parade starts at 6 o’clock. Monks’ robes are encouraged, as are stuffed rabbits and cutting boards

Side note: Ray didn’t know he had a BBL email. He cannot operate a computer or a TV. Diane is his remote. If you receive an email from Ray, it was in fact transcribed by Diane. Or so I’m told.

Bockfest details continued: Moving into Saturday, Bockfest is no longer allowed to have tents in the parking lot as in previous years. Lots of additional space will be opened up inside this year as a result. This means – yay! – no more going outside to use the Portalets and getting trapped outside in line to get back in due to fire code limits.  The competition will be on the 2nd floor but not in the same room as last year. At the top of the stairs, you will turn right instead of left.

Watch for a call for competition volunteers soon!

There is a search on for a celebrity judge. Submit suggestions to the board. Ray is currently the contingency plan…so yeah, get those suggestions in ASAP.

Andy was nominated to make signs for Bockfest to guide judges through the hall. Motion seconded. Motion passed. Andy may or may not have been in the room at the time.

Finally, entries for Bockfest are still open! Bottles or kegs are acceptable as entries, which are due the Wednesday before Bockfest (March 3 – 5).

Evil Iron Brewer + Bloat Open: May 20, 2017 @ The EddyJudges who judges categories in both competitions get points for both! Entry deadlines are ~2 weeks before for the Bloat Open. For Evil Iron, you must declare the number of entries and the categories ~2 weeks before 5/20.

Ray still hasn’t learned to use the Internet at this point in the meeting. There was discussion of getting him set up on Instagram.

ACA National Homebrew CompetitionRequest for entries lottery now closed.

39th Annual AHA HomebrewCon: June 15-17 in Minneapolis. Registration opens March 7th. This is relatively driveable for BBL, clocking in at approximately 11 hours. Frontier Airlines does fly from CVG to MSP and back, but not sure if it’s daily service. Worth checking if you’re interested. Club night keg transporatation may be available from Bloats who are driving up.

March Meeting: Name that Beer Night!

It has been announced (by Ray) that it’s Roxanne’s fault he’s still here. Madame Secretary is unable to provide any interpretation of this statement at this time.

April Meeting: Brian E. to speak about fruit beers. More details to come…

May Meeting: Bloat Open  & Evil Iron Brewer

June Meeting: TBD

Members Only Event: Exploring the possibility. Stay tuned for details later this year.

Bowling Opportunity: The Bloats have been invited to participate in a bowling tournament at Fairfield Lanes on April 1st (not a joke). Bowling, dinner and unlimited beer are included for a team of five people. If five members want to form a team and participate, the club will pay the registration fee. Nine pin-no tap rules. If you also don’t know what that means, you can read about it on Wikipedia here. Let us know if you’re interested in participating. I don’t think I got any emails about this at bblminister@gmail.com, so if I missed yours, please let me know.

Little of this, little of that, good beers, pretzels, meeting adjourned at 8:49PM.

Have you recently toured a brewery, been to a new favorite beer bar, or have some other beer related news you’d like to share with the club? Let us know and we’ll include it in the newsletter.


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