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August 2017 Bosmopolitan

August 7, 2017

2017 BBL IPA Hop Project

Drawing of the hops took place at the board meeting tonight by everyone present at the meeting, so if you don’t like your hop, sorry, there’s no one person for you to complain to. Assignments will be communicated to participants by Rob.

Beers must be ready by the October meeting, but should not be brewed more than about a month in advance. Everyone will get to taste each of the beers at that meeting.

Thanks to all of the companies that gave hops for the project (Hopsteiner, YCH Hops, Yakima Valley, Rivertown and Listermann’s), and to Listermann’s again for donating all of the grain.

The full rules were sent out via Google Groups–if you are participating and have questions, contact Rob.

The next experiment will be yeast-differentiated, so if you didn’t have a chance to sign up for the Hop Project, stay tuned for that upcoming opportunity.


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