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The 12 (okay, 13) Days of Beermas

December 4, 2017

Join us after work (roughly 6 pm, but earlier is fine) for the next 13 weekdays to celebrate the 12 Days of Beermas and support those who support us all year long. Ja-EEEP!!!

Week 1

Monday, December 4th: Listermann Brewing Company

Tuesday, December 5th: Oriental Wok

Wednesday, December 6th: BC’s Bottle Lodge North

Thursday, December 7th: Brink Brewing Company

Friday, December 8th: Christian Moerlein Brewing Co. (Malt House)

Week 2

Monday, December 11th: BJ’s Restaurant & Brewhouse – Tri County

Tuesday, December 12th: Fifty West Brewing Company

Wednesday, December 13th: Fibonacci Brewing Company

Thursday, December 14th: Taft’s Brewpourium

Week 3

Monday, December 18th: Madtree Brewing

Tuesday, December 19th: Marty’s Hops & Vines

Wednesday, December 20th: Wooden Cask Brewing Company

Thursday, December 21st: BC’s Bottle Lodge East

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