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March (and February) 2018 Bosmopolitan

March 5, 2018

March Board Meeting Minutes

Meeting Start: 7:20 PM

In Attendance: Roxanne, Rob, Ray, Steve, Jerry, Emma, Joe, Wayne

Hello to Brian Jackson!

Esoteric Brewing Company planning is going well and opening is projected tentatively Spring 2019 in Walnut Hills. His Mango Tango is currently on tap at Madtree! As plans come to fruition, a Bloats event will be planned and communicated to the club.

Treasurer’s Report

After Rob robbed Ray, we still have money. AND! Ray filed our taxes. We paid no taxes. Because we followed the rules. Despite Ray having access to the bank account.

Board Meeting Locations for 2018

The intention is to rotate to different parts of town each month to enable more members to join us for board meetings. Locations may include members’/board members’ homes, public spaces, etc. The April board meeting will be at Rob & Roxanne’s on Monday, April 2nd.  The May location is tentatively Brink Brewing in College Hill.

Upcoming Meetings

March 2018: Safety Topic this Month –  Brewing with Gas (Wayne) followed by March Beer Madness led by Dave LeBourveau ****THIS MONTH THE MEETING IS THE 4TH FRIDAY – MARCH 23rd, DUE TO ST. PADDY’S DAY****

April 2018: TBD – Bryan E., you are still on the hook!

May 2018: Bloat Open

June 2018: Recipes Across Different Brewing Techniques (Extract through All Grain)

(National Conference is 28th-30th in Portland, OR – Registration opens 3/6)

Bockfest 2018 Debrief

We did not lose money on Bockfest! Bockfest turned a modest profit, enough to buy a round at the board meeting. (Sorry you missed out.)

Congratulations to Bob Isburgh for keeping Best of Show in the family!

In the Moerlein Brewer’s challenge, BBL teams took 2nd & 3rd place. Our friends at CMI took home the top prize.

The Introduction to Technical Beer Tasting session for the public at Bockfest 2018 was somewhat derailed by a website registration issue, but the two people who did successfully register and attend loved the format. Next year we’ll have a dedicated website for registration and we’re very excited to iron out the kinks for Bockfest 2019.

The Gnarly Gnome podcast interviewed Roxanne at Bockfest. The audio can be found on the BBL Facebook page.

The Cincinnati Brewing Heritage Trail dedication is June 9th, 2018 at the Grant Recreation Area Playground, right across the street from the Christian Moerlein Brewing production facility. There will be a brewing demonstration, and this event is benefitting the Cincinnati Brewery District. Please plan to attend!

Special award for Greg Hardmann approved by the board for next year for his 15 years of tireless support of Bockfest.

Possible Topics for 2018 Meetings

  • All Things Yeast
  • Yeast Experiment
  • Mashing Chemistry
  • Decoctions
  • Brew-in-a-Bag Techniques
  • Safety (5-10 minute topics before formal topic for all meeting)
  • Beer Swap Night
  • Blending Night (TRASH Guest)
  • Factors that Affect Efficiency
  • Chime in with additional suggestions!

Big Brew Day – National Homebrew Day

Saturday, May 5th! At Wooden Cask. It’s a National Homebrew Day – Cinco de Mayo – Derby Day Trifecta!

Bloat Open – Saturday, May 19th @ Norwood Community Center

Wayne has been volun-told to run the Bloat Open. Congrats! New members since the last Bloat Open are free entry, $10 for existing members (all-you-can-enter). Competition website online by the end of the month.

Beer & Sweaters

Probably not happening this year. Stay tuned for when it gets cold again. Also, looking for volunteers to coordinate. If you volunteer, you get to pick the date!

Potential Mentorship Program

Wayne is writing up a proposal to present to the board regarding a possible mentorship program to help connect potential new members interested in learning to brew with Bloats willing to mentor them.

Meeting adjoured at 8:15 PM. Congrats to the newlyweds (they told me to say that), Mike & Emma Williams. Who showed up. Two days after their wedding.

Have you recently toured a brewery, been to a new favorite beer bar, or have some other beer related news you’d like to share with the club? Let us know and we’ll include it in the newsletter.


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