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May (and April) 2018 Bosmopolitan

May 7, 2018

May Board Meeting Minutes

Meeting Start: 7:13 PM

In Attendance: Everyone but Geil

Mentorship Program

This program is progressing toward becoming a reality. Wayne is working details with Chuck regarding potential benefits/perks for mentors.  An email will be coming out to those who have expressed interest in participating, and the discussion of exactly how the program will be structured can go from there.

We have a Google Calendar for the club, and those who are members can place events on the Bloatarian calendar. This should come in particularly handy as we implement the mentorship program.

Big Brew Day – National Homebrew Day

Big Brew was a resounding success. We had great attendance and 22 carboys of wort were taken. Part of the brew will be put into barrels. A possible bottle share at Wooden Cask is planned once the fermentation is done.

Ray: “I thought it was at Wooden Cask. I showed up to the wrong place twice!”

Roxanne: “It was at Wooden Cask.”

Emma: “So you showed up at the right place twice and still didn’t manage to find it.”

Bloat Open – Saturday, May 19th @ 9:00 AM Norwood Community Center

This Saturday, May 12th,  is the deadline for Bloat Open entries! New members since the last Bloat Open are free entry, $10 for existing members (all-you-can-enter). The competition website can be accessed here.

Judges, please arrive by 8:30AM. Doughnuts and lunch included for judges and volunteers!

Beer & Deer 2018

Saturday, May 26th. The usual.   Anytime after 2 pm until the last person leaves, bring a side, app or dessert if you can (but come, even if you can’t bring some).  Chairs are a good idea.  Main food at 5-ish.  Kids welcome as long as you watch them & they go home with you.

10296 Deerhollow Ln, Colerain Township, 45252.  513-245-1224.  Roxanne & Rob Westendorf.

Update on Esoteric Brewing

Esoteric Brewing Company is on track for a Spring 2019 opening in Walnut Hills. Stay tuned for GoFundMe-style investment options. If you are interested in investing at a higher level, please contact Brian. As plans come to fruition, a Bloats event will be planned and communicated to the club.

Treasurer’s Report

We still have money.

Board Meeting Locations for 2018

The intention is to rotate to different parts of town each month to enable more members to join us for board meetings. Locations may include members’/board members’ homes, public spaces, etc. The June 2018 meeting is at

Upcoming Meetings

May 2018: Bloat Open

June 2018: Recipes Across Different Brewing Techniques (Extract through All Grain)

(National Conference is June 28th-30th in Portland, OR – Registration now open)

July 2018: Brewing Software

Possible Topics for 2018 Meetings

  • All Things Yeast
  • Yeast Experiment
  • Mashing Chemistry
  • Decoctions
  • Brew-in-a-Bag Techniques
  • Safety (5-10 minute topics before formal topic for all meeting)
  • Beer Swap Night
  • Blending Night (TRASH Guest)
  • Factors that Affect Efficiency
  • Chime in with additional suggestions!

Beer & Sweaters

Probably not happening this year. Stay tuned for when it gets cold again. Also, looking for volunteers to coordinate. If you volunteer, you get to pick the date!

Meeting adjourned at 8:33 PM.

Have you recently toured a brewery, been to a new favorite beer bar, or have some other beer related news you’d like to share with the club? Let us know and we’ll include it in the newsletter.


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