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December 2018 Bosmopolitan – Happy 1st Day of Beermas!

December 3, 2018

Bockfest 2019

Bockfest in 2019 will see the return of the Moerlein Brewers Challenge! This team competition proved to be extremely popular last year, so we’re bringing it back for 2019. The rules are being tweaked this year, so please read carefully:

This is a TEAM event. You must form a team of four brewers to enter. You must provide all four brewer names before your entry can be accepted. Entries are restricted to 20 teams, but the Bloatarians are only allotted 10 spots.

Christian Moerlein will provide a kit of ingredients for you to brew with. You can only use the ingredients (malt and hops) provided, however, you may modify the grains (toast, etc.) if you so desire. There are three changes this year: You must use an ALE yeast. Christian Moerlein will provide a fresh pitch of their house ale yeast, Scottish ale, or you may use any other ale yeast of your choice. You may only use the grains and hops provided, but you do NOT have to use all of the hops. Finally, you may add an adjunct sugar (any style of sugar, but it must be a sugar variety), but only up to 10% of the fermentables. The grain and hop bills will be revealed on December 13th (see below).

The grain bill will be nominally for 5 gallons, but you can brew any volume you like if you want to attain a higher or lower gravity. In other words, if the kit would normally make a 1.050 beer at 5 gallons, you can make 3 gallons and get a higher gravity, say around 1.083.

Entry is FREE! Judging is at the Bockfest Homebrew Competition. March 2nd. Online entry must be made at the Bockfest site (not yet up!) no later than 2/22. Any form of packaging is acceptable, but we STRONGLY encourage keg entries. Our goal is that everybody who enters the competition will be able to sample the other entries after the judging is over.

Ingredient kits will be available for pickup on December 13th, after 6:00 PM, at the Moerlein Malt House. This is the night of our Beermas visit to the Moerlein Malt House. If you cannot pick up your kit that evening you will have to make arrangements to pick it up from me afterwards. (Note: I do not deliver!)

To enter, send Rob Westendorf a list of your team members. (An individual may only be on one team.) Entries are on a first come basis. Also let me know if you want to use the Moerlein Scottish ale yeast (so we can have the right number of pitches available). You can change your mind on the yeast after you see the grain bill, so I recommend you order a yeast pitch regardless of whether it’s your favorite or not. Send entries to robwestendorf@gmail.com.


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