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The 12 (…13) Days of Beermas – 2018

December 3, 2018

All Beermas events “begin” at 6:00 PM, but are largely open-house style. Please come out and support those that support us throughout the year!

On the 1st Day of Beermas…Monday, December 3 – Listermann’s

On the 2nd Day of Beermas…Tuesday, December 4 – Oriental Wok (We will be in the back area, not the bar – plenty of room for dinner!)

On the 3rd Day of Beermas…Wednesday, December 5 – Brink

On the 4th Day of Beermas…Thursday, December 6 – BC’s Bottle Lodge – Liberty

On the 5th Day of Beermas…Friday, December 7 – Wooden Cask

On the 6th Day of Beermas…Monday, December 10 – Fretboard

On the 7th Day of Beermas…Tuesday, December 11 – Taft’s Brewpourium

On the 8th Day of Beermas…Wednesday, December 12 – Marty’s Hops & Vines

On the 9th Day of Beermas…Thursday, December 13 – Christian Moerlein Brewing Co. (Moore Street)

On the 10th Day of Beermas…Monday, December 17 – Braxton Labs (by Party Source)

On the 11th Day of Beermas…Tuesday, December 18 – BC’s Bottle Lodge – Montgomery

On the 12th Day of Beermas…Wednesday, December 19 – BJ’s (Princeton Pike)

On the 13th Day of Beermas…Thursday, December 20 – Urban Artifact

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