2005 Beer & Sweat Results

Best of Show: Dave Collins (BBL) – Cherry Flanders Red

Pale Lagers
1 Ron Mahan BBL Bohemian Pilsner
2 Ron Mahan BBL Munich Helles
3 Brian St. Clair BBL Dortmunder
Amber and Dark Lagers
1 Joe Snavely GHHA Vienna
2 Mike Weaver CMI Schwartzbier
3 Kevin Elia SAAZ Vienna
1 Keith Kost TRASH Maibock
2 Ken Ewing BBL Maibock
3 Brian St. Clair BBL Maibock
Light Ales
1 John Zeller BBL Kolsch
2 Frank Barickmann SODZ Cream Ale
3 Karl Hagglund BBL Kolsch
Alt and Steam Beers
1 Michael Kling BOCK Dusseldorfer Altbier
2 Keith Kost TRASH Dusseldorfer Altbier
3 Paul Moss BOCK N. German Altbier
British Bitters
1 Andy Grigg BBL Best Bitter
2 Jason Roeper BBL Best Bitter
3 Mike Weaver CMI Special Bitter
HM Mike Ameel TRASH Best Bitter
1 Ron Mahan BBL ESB
2 Mike Feiertag BBL ESB
3 Mark Hill BBL ESB
HM Jason Roeper BBL ESB
Scottish Ales
1 Norm Penn CMI Strong Scotch Ale
2 Chuck Boyce BBL Strong Scotch Ale
3 Bob Stephenson ROC Scottish Export/80-
American Pale Ale
1 Jim Lucas SAAZ American Pale Ale
2 Ron Mahan BBL American Pale Ale
3 Frank Barickman SODZ American Pale Ale
HM Michael Wright TRASH American Pale Ale
American Amber and Brown Ales
1 Brian St. Clair BBL American Amber Ale
2 Don Tomino TRASH American Amber Ale
3 Kevin Goff CMI American Brown Ale
English Brown and Irish Red Ales
1 Kevin O’Connor SAAZ Irish Red
2 Dan Listermann BBL Mild
3 Gordon Strong DRAFT Irish Red
HM Ray Snyder BBL Mild
1 Armand Houle TRASH Robust Porter
2 Tim McPartlin Robust Porter
3 Mark Hill BBL Brown Porter
1 Jim Foster BBL Dry Stout
2 Ray Snyder BBL Foreign Extra Stout
3 Chuck Boyce BBL Dry Stout
India Pale Ale
1 Norm Penn CMI American IPA
2 Frank Barickman SODZ American IPA
3 Jim Foster BBL American IPA
Imperial IPA
1 Keith Kost TRASH Imperial IPA
2 Jay Wince SODZ Imperial IPA
3 Kevin Elia SAAZ Imperial IPA
Wheat and Rye Beers
1 Chris Vandergrift BOCK Weizen
2 Mike Feiertag BBL Weizen
3 Brian St. Clair BBL Dunkelweizen
Belgian and French Ales
1 Keith Kost TRASH Belgian Blond Ale
2 Kevin O’Connor SAAZ Saison
3 Patrick McLendon BBL Belgian Pale Ale
1 Mike Ameel TRASH Witbier
2 Mark Hill BBL Witbier
3 Keith Kost TRASH Witbier
Belgian Strong Ales
1 Mike Ameel TRASH Tripel
2 Phil McDermott CMI Dubbel
3 Brian St. Clair BBL Belgian Strong Golden Ale
Strong Ales
1 Chuck Boyce BBL American Barleywine
2 Brian St. Clair BBL American Barleywine
3 Keith Kost TRASH Baltic Porter
HM Rob Westendorf BBL American Barleywine
Fruit, Vegetable, and Sour Beers
1 Dave Collins BBL Cherry Flanders Red
2 Brian St. Clair BBL Straight Lambic
3 Team Diekhermswank BBL Flanders Brown
HM Joe Snavely GHHA Raspberry Lambic
Smoked and Wood Aged Beers
1 Karl Weeber SNOBS Bourbon Barrel Imperial Stout
2 Bloatarian Club Entry BBL Bourbon Barrel Imperial IPA
3 Brian St. Clair BBL Wood Aged Robust Porter
HM Bloatarian Club Entry BBL Bourbon Barrel Imperial Stout
Specialty Beers
1 Leah Dienes LAGERS Green Chili Wheat Beer
2 John Zeller BBL Rye Pale Ale
3 Doug Short SAAZ Imperial Brown Ale
HM Joe Snavely GHHA Rye IPA
1 Chuck Boyce BBL Traditional Mead
2 Dan Listermann BBL Cherry Mead
3 Roxanne Westendorf BBL Orange Blossom Mead
1 Rob Westendorf BBL Orange Honey Soda
2 Dan Listermann BBL Root Beer
3 Scott Boyer FOSSILS Orange Soda
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