2006 Beer & Sweat Results


Light Lagers and Ales
1st Dortmunder Export Ron Mahan BBL
2nd Cream Ale Frank Barickmann SODZ
3rd Aussie Lager Jason Roeper BBL
Pale and Amber Lagers
1st Munich Dunkel Frank Barickmann SODZ
2nd German Pilsner Ken Ewing BBL
3rd German Pilsner Ron Mahan BBL
Bitters and Hybrid Ales
1st Special Bitter Keith Kost TRASH
2nd California Common Jennifer Hermann BBL
3rd Special Bitter Dave Collins BBL
1st ESB Ron Mahan BBL
2nd ESB Jim Foster BBL
3rd ESB Andy Melchers BBL
UK Ales
1st Northern English Brown Ale Phil Meyer BBL
2nd Southern English Brown Ale Chuck Boyce BBL
3rd Scottish Export 80 Mark Brzezinski
American Pale Ale
1st American Pale Ale Michael Wright TRASH
2nd American Pale Ale Rob Westendorf BBL
3rd American Pale Ale Ken Ewing BBL
American Amber and Brown Ales
1st American Amber Ale Chris Meta TRASH
2nd American Brown Ale Tim McPartlin BBL/CMI
3rd American Amber Ale Ron Mahan BBL
1st Robust Porter Armand Houle TRASH
2nd Robust Porter Chris Dorn BBL
3rd Robust Porter Ron Mahan BBL
1st Oatmeal Stout Mike Feiertag BBL
2nd Dry Stout Ron Mahan BBL
3rd Dry Stout Brendan Rosa
India Pale Ale
1st American IPA Don Tomino TRASH
2nd American IPA Chuck Boyce BBL
3rd American IPA Mark Brzezinski
Imperial IPA
1st Imperial IPA Armand Houle TRASH
2nd Imperial IPA Keith Kost TRASH
3rd Imperial IPA Chris Dorn BBL
Wheat and Rye Beers
1st Roggenbier Frank Barickmann SODZ
2nd Weizen Ron Mahan BBL
3rd Dunkelweizen Bob Masters CMI
Wit and Saison
1st Witbier Frank Barickmann SODZ
2nd Saison Dennis Stockslager FOSSILS
3rd Witbier Ed Bloom TRASH
Belgian Specialty and Sour Beers
1st Orval Clone Ed Westemeier BBL
2nd Belgian Sour Red Kevin Spatz/Brian Becker BBL
3rd Belgian Pale Ale w/ Basswood Honey Ray Snyder BBL
Belgian Pale Strong Ales
1st Belgian Strong Golden Ale Keith Kost TRASH
2nd Belgian Pale Ale Scott Boyer FOSSILS
3rd Belgian Blond Ale Rob Westendorf BBL
Belgian Dubbel/Strong Dark Ales
1st Belgian Strong Dark Ale Ed Westemeier BBL
2nd Belgian Strong Dark Ale Mark Katona SODZ
3rd Dubbel Frank Barickmann SODZ
Strong Ales
1st Foreign Extra Stout Jason Roeper BBL
2nd Russian Imperial Stout Chris Dorn BBL
3rd Foreign Extra Stout Don Tomino TRASH
1st English Barleywine Mike Ameel TRASH
2nd American Barleywine Chuck Boyce BBL
3rd English Barleywine Bill Krauth FOSSILS
Fruit and Spice Beers
1st Java Stout Jeff Hornberger SODZ
2nd Spiced Saison Chris Vandergrift BOCK
3rd Sour Cherry Hefeweizen Bob Masters CMI
Smoked and Wood-Aged Beers
1st Smoked Robust Porter Armand Houle TRASH
2nd Smoked American Amber Don Tomino TRASH
3rd Bourbon Barrel Robust Porter Keith Kost TRASH
Specialty Beers
1st Toasted Coconut Porter Jay Schrade TN Valley Homebrewers
2nd Chocolate Oatmeal Stout Bill Krauth FOSSILS
3rd Cocoa Foreign Extra Stout Jennifer Hermann BBL
1st Traditional mead Chuck Boyce BBL
2nd Braggott Dave Collins BBL
3rd Traditional Mead Eric Tepe BBL
1st Root Beer Andy Melchers BBL
2nd Raspberry Ginger Soda Leah Dienes LAGERS
3rd Orange Honey Soda Rob Westendorf BBL



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