2007 Beer & Sweat Results

BEST OF SHOW: Ron Mahan – Standard American Lager

Light Lager
1st Ron Mahan Light Lager BBL
2nd Dick  Mahiques & Bob Stephenson Light Lager BBL
3rd Joe Zaucha & Patrick Testa Light Lager
Pilsner and Light Hybrid
1st Jason Roeper Light Hybrid BBL
2nd Frank Barickman Light Hybrid SODZ
3rd Ron Mahan Pilsner BBL
Dark Lager
1st Keith Kost Bock TRASH
2nd Brian StClair Bock BBL
3rd Jason Roeper Dark Lager BBL
American Wheat, Fruit and Specialty Fruit
1st Keith Kost Fruit Beer TRASH
2nd Chris Vandergrift Fruit Beer BOCK
3rd Chris Meta Specialty TRASH
Amber Hybrid and American Amber
1st Keith Kost Amber Hybrid TRASH
2nd Dick  Mahiques & Bob Stephenson Amber Hybrid BBL
3rd Bob Stephenson American Ale BBL
English Pale Ales
1st Tom Schaefer English Pale Ale
2nd Andy Grigg English Pale Ale BBL
3rd Ron Mahan English Pale Ale BBL
Scottish and Irish Ale
1st Tim McPartlin Scottish/Irish BBL/CMI
2nd Douglas Pressler Scottish/Irish Ale ROC
3rd Michael Kling Scottish/Irish Ale BOCK
American Pale Ale
1st Chuck Boyce American Ale BBL
2nd Michael Wright American Ale TRASH
3rd Brian StClair American Ale BBL
Brown Ale
1st Keith Kost English Brown Ale TRASH
2nd Greg Wilson English Brown Ale BBL
3rd Ron Mahan American Ale BBL
1st Mike Feiertag Porter BBL
2nd Eric Tepe Porter BBL
3rd Ron Mahan Porter BBL
1st Jason Roeper Stout BBL
2nd Frank Barickman Stout SODZ
3rd Scott Boyer Stout
Imperial Stout
1st Keith Kost Stout TRASH
2nd Chris Dorn Stout BBL
3rd Dave Harsh Stout BBL
1st Ron Mahan IPA BBL
2nd Bob Stephenson IPA BBL
3rd Frank Barickman IPA SODZ
Imperial IPA
1st Armand Houle IPA TRASH
2nd Keith Kost IPA TRASH
3rd Ron Mahan IPA BBL
German Wheat and Rye
1st Norm Penn German Wheat/Rye Beer CMI
2nd Ron Mahan German Wheat/Rye Beer BBL
3rd Kevin Elia German Wheat/Rye Beer SAAZ
Belgian and French
1st Dennis Stockslager Belgian/French Beer LAGERS
2nd Chris Vandergrift Belgian/French Beer BOCK
3rd Doug Lasanen Belgian/French Beer BBL
Belgian Pale and Specialty
1st Scott Boyer Belgian/French Beer
2nd Keith Kost Belgian/French Beer TRASH
3rd Keith Kost Belgian/French Beer TRASH
Belgian Tripel and Sour
1st Darryl Dieckman Sour Ale BBL
2nd Brian StClair Sour Ale BBL
3rd Jason Roeper Sour Ale BBL
Belgian Dubbel
1st Phil Meyer Belgian Strong Ale BBL
2nd Michael Wright Belgian Strong Ale TRASH
3rd Mike Ameel Belgian Strong Ale
Strong Ale
1st Keith Kost Strong Ale TRASH
2nd Dave Harsh Strong Ale BBL
3rd Armand Houle Strong Ale TRASH
Smoked and Wood Aged
1st Bob Masters Smoke/Wood Aged Beer CMI
2nd Brian StClair Smoke/Wood Aged Beer BBL
3rd Jay Hubert + 4 FOSSILS Specialty FOSSILS
Belgian Strong Ale
1st Armand Houle Belgian Strong Ale TRASH
2nd Ron Mahan Belgian Strong Ale BBL
3rd Dan Flaherty Belgian Strong Ale LAGERS
1st Gordon Strong Specialty DRAFT
2nd Ray Snyder & Brian Becker Specialty BBL
3rd Ron Mahan American Ale BBL
Mead and Cider
1st Chuck Boyce Melomel BBL
2nd Ron Sup Melomel BBL
3rd William Caldwell Melomel BOCK
1st Dave Collins Soda BBL
2nd Jennifer Hermann Soda BBL
3rd Leah Dienes Soda LAGERS


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