2008 Beer & Sweat Results

BEST OF SHOW:  Dick Mahiques – Belgian Blond Ale

Table 1 – Soda (6 entries)
First 37.6 Leah Dienes 0.A. Soda – Cherry Cream Soda
Second 36 Frank Barickman 0.A. Soda – Classic Creamy American Root Beer
Third 34.6 jennifer hermann 0.A. Soda – Blueberry, Pomegranate, Mint
Table 2 – Light Lager/Pilsner (12 entries)
First 38 Ronald Mahan 2.C. Classic American Pilsner
Second 37 Ronald Mahan 1.E. Dortmunder Export
Third 35 Tonya Balzer 1.C. Premium American Lager
Table 3 – Amber/Dark Lager (11 entries)
First 36.3 Jason Roeper 3.A. Vienna Lager
Second 32 Jason Roeper 3.B. Oktoberfest/Marzen
Third 32.3 Paul Moss 4.B. Munich Dunkel
Table 4 – Bock (8 entries)
First 41.3 Ken/Joe Ewing/Dolwig 5.C. Doppelbock
Second 39.3 Ken/Joe Ewing/Dolwig 5.B. Traditional Bock
Third 35.3 Ken/Joe Ewing/Dolwig 5.A. Maibock/Helles Bock
Table 5 – Light/Amber Hybrid (12 entries)
First 38 Dick Mahiques 7.B. California Common Beer
Second 37.5 Jason Roeper 6.C. Kolsch
Third 35.5 Keith Kost 7.C. Dusseldorf Altbier
HM 35 Ronald Mahan 7.B. California Common Beer
Table 6 – English Pale Ale (11 entries)
First 39 Tony Aiken 8.C. Extra Special/Strong Bitter (English Pale Ale)
Second 39 Darryl Dieckman 8.B. Special/Best/Premium Bitter
Third 38 Ronald Mahan 8.B. Special/Best/Premium Bitter
Table 7 -Scottish and Irish Ale (7 entries)
First 35.6 Andy Grigg 9.C. Scottish Export 80/-
Second 34.6 Bill Krauth 9.E. Strong Scotch Ale
Third 30.6 Darryl Dieckman 9.E. Strong Scotch Ale
Table 8 – American Ale (27 entries)
First 32.5 Armand Houle 10.A. American Pale Ale
Second 35.5 Phil Meyer 10.A. American Pale Ale
Third 38 Ronald Mahan 10.B. American Amber Ale
HM 36 Ken/Joe Ewing/Dolwig 10.C. American Brown Ale
Table 9 – English Brown Ale (10 entries)
First 36.3 Frank Barickman 11.A. Mild
Second 30.6 Scott LaFollette 11.B. Southern English Brown
Third 30.6 Ken/Joe Ewing/Dolwig 11.B. Southern English Brown
Table 10 – Porter (12 entries)
First 39.3 Ronald Mahan 12.B. Robust Porter
Second 33.6 David Collins 12.A. Brown Porter
Third 32.6 Mike/Jim Feiertag/Foster 12.A. Brown Porter
Table 11 – Stout (16 entries)
First 38.5 Mike/Jim Feiertag/Foster 13.E. American Stout
Second 35.5 Dave Harsh 13.F. Russian Imperial Stout
Third 39 Leah Dienes 13.B. Sweet Stout
HM 39.5 Joe Zaucha 13.F. Russian Imperial Stout
Table 12 – IPA (17 entries)
First 35 Frank Barickman 14.B. American IPA
Second 39.25 Keith Kost 14.B. American IPA
Third 40.5 Andy Hartzell 14.B. American IPA
Table 13 – German Wheat and Rye Beer (14 entries)
First 38.5 Frank Barickman 15.D. Roggenbier (German Rye Beer)
Second 34 Keith Kost 15.A. Weizen/Weissbier
Third 35 Ronald Mahan 15.D. Roggenbier (German Rye Beer)
Table 14 – Belgian and French Ale (16 entries)
First 35 Rob Westendorf 16.E. Belgian Specialty Ale – 18A Belgian Blond ale with sour cherrie
Second 38 Jason Roeper 16.E. Belgian Specialty Ale – Lambic base style, fermented 4yrs w. pediococcus, lambicus, and brett yeast, Aged Saaz Hops, Raw Wheat, Pils Malt, Fresh Black Currants, and Black Currant Juice added at the end of fermenetation.
Third 37 Phil McDermott 16.C. Saison
Table 15 – Belgian Strong/Sour Ale (9 entries)
First 38.6 Dick Mahiques 18.A. Belgian Blond Ale
Second 36 Armand Houle 18.C. Belgian Tripel
Third 34 Jason Roeper 17.B. Flanders Red Ale
Table 16 – Strong Ale (10 entries)
First 37 Ray Snyder 19.A. Old Ale
Second 35.5 Keith Kost 19.C. American Barleywine
Third 35 Scott Boyer 19.B. English Barleywine
Table 17 – Fruit Beer (9 entries)
First 35.75 Don Tomino 20.A. Fruit Beer – Blonde Ale (6B) with Cherries
Second 32.75 Frank Barickman 20.A. Fruit Beer – American Wheat Beer with Rasberries
Third 32.5 Jason Roeper 20.A. Fruit Beer – Chocolate/ Extra Stout Base, Fermented with fresh Tart Cherries.
HM 30.5 Keith Kost 20.A. Fruit Beer – Belgian Blond Ale (18A) with Sour Cherries
Table 18 – Spice/Herb/Vegetable/Mead/Cider (9 entries)
First 39 Keith Kost 21.A. Spice, Herb, or Vegetable Beer – Smoked Robust Porter (22B[12B]) with Jalapenos and Habaneros
Second 37 Gregg Wilson 21.A. Spice, Herb, or Vegetable Beer – Fresh spruce tips in an american brown
Third 35.5 Leah Dienes 21.A. Spice, Herb, or Vegetable Beer – American Wheat with Anaheim Chilies
Table 19 – Smoked/Wood Aged Beer (12 entries)
First 40.5 Jason Roeper 22.B. Other Smoked Beer – English Pale Malt Smoked with Alder Wood, & Pale Chocolate Malts. Base Style (Porter, smoked Beer)
Second 37.5 Keith Kost 22.A. Classic Rauchbier
Third 35.5 David Collins 22.C. Wood-Aged Beer – Bourbon Barrel Stout/Porter Base Beer 13D Foreign Extra Stout
HM 35 Keith Kost 22.C. Wood-Aged Beer – Bourbon Barrel Belgian Dark Strong (18E)
Table 20 – Specialty (15 entries)
First 37.5 Leah Dienes 23.A. Specialty Beer – Gluten Free, Sorghum, Buckwheat, Honey brew
Second 37.5 Frank Barickman 23.A. Specialty Beer – Brown Porter Base Style with Madagascar Vanilla Bean added after primary fermentation.
Third 35.5 Rob Westendorf 23.A. Specialty Beer – Maple infused, buckwheat honey oatmeal stout (13c Oatmeal Stout is the base style)
HM 35 Tammy Graff 23.A. Specialty Beer – Base Beer: American Amber Spec. Ingredients: Heather Honey
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