2009 Beer & Sweat Results

BEST OF SHOW: Ron Mahan, BBL, Standard American Lager

BOS Runner Up: Frank Barickman, SODZ, Mild Ale


Light Lager
First Ronald Mahan Standard American Lager BBL
Second Jason Roeper Light American Lager BBL
Third Ronald Mahan Munich Helles BBL
Pilsner/Amber Lager
First Ken Ewing, Joe Dolwig Oktoberfest/Marzen BBL
Second Jason Roeper Vienna Lager BBL
Third Keith Kost Classic American Pilsner TRASH
HM Ronald Mahan Bohemian Pilsner BBL
Dark Lager/Amber Hybrid
First Jason Roeper Munich Dunkel BBL
Second Dick Mahiques, Bob Stephenson California Common Beer BBL
Third Eric Tepe California Common Beer BBL
First Dave Harsh Eisbock BBL
Second Keith Kost Maibock/Helles Bock TRASH
Third Ken Ewing, Joe Dolwig Traditional Bock BBL
HM Keith Kost Eisbock TRASH
Light Hybrid
First Gregg Wilson American Wheat or Rye Beer BBL
Second Ronald Mahan Cream Ale BBL
Third Scott Boyer American Wheat or Rye Beer FOSSILS
English Pale
First Patrick Testa Standard/Ordinary Bitter
Second Armand Houle Extra Special/Strong Bitter (English Pale Ale) TRASH
Third Frank Barickman Special/Best/Premium Bitter SODZ
Scottish/Irish/English Ale
First Frank Barickman Mild SODZ
Second Jason Roeper Irish Red Ale BBL
Third Tim McPartlin Strong Scotch Ale CMI / BBL
HM Kevin Patterson Mild BOCK
American Pale
First Sean Dawson American Pale Ale SODZ
Second Keith Kost American Pale Ale TRASH
Third Phil Meyer American Pale Ale BBL
American Amber
First Leah Dienes American Amber Ale LAGERS
Second Gregg Wilson American Amber Ale BBL
Third Mike Feiertag, Jimm Foster American Amber Ale BBL
Porter/American Brown
First Ronald Mahan Brown Porter BBL
Second Mark Brzezinski Robust Porter BBL
Third Ronald Mahan Robust Porter BBL
HM Mike Feiertag, Jim Foster Brown Porter BBL
First Keith Kost Russian Imperial Stout TRASH
Second Scott Boyer Foreign Extra Stout FOSSILS
Third Ronald Mahan Russian Imperial Stout BBL
HM Jason Roeper Oatmeal Stout BBL
English/Imperial IPA
First Bob Masters Imperial IPA CMI / BBL
Second Armand Houle Imperial IPA TRASH
Third Keith Kost, Chris Meta Imperial IPA TRASH
American IPA
First Ronald Mahan American IPA BBL
Second Sean Dawson American IPA SODZ
Third Ryan Carskadon, Adam Rauckhorst American IPA SODZ
German Wheat/Rye
First Ronald Mahan Weizenbock BBL
Second Doug Pressler Weizen/Weissbier BBL
Third Keith Kost Dunkelweizen TRASH
Belgian/French Ale
First Phil Meyer Witbier BBL
Second Keith Kost Witbier TRASH
Third Scott Boyer Belgian Pale Ale FOSSILS
Belgian Specialty/Sour
First Jason Roeper Strawberry Lambic BBL
Second Michael Carver Belgian Stout BBL
Third Ronald Mahan Orval Clone BBL
Belgian Strong
First Keith Kost Belgian Blond Ale TRASH
Second Keith Kost Belgian Tripel TRASH
Third Jennifer Hermann, Patty Stephenson, Debbie Mahiques Belgian Dubbel BBL
Strong Ale
First Mark Brzezinski American Barleywine BBL
Second Brian Sanders Old Ale DRAFT
Third Jennifer Hermann American Barleywine BBL
HM Mark Brzezinski Old Ale BBL
First Don Tomino Munich Helles with Michigan Cherries TRASH
Second Ray Snyder Dry Stout with Cocoa Nibs BBL
Third Darryl Dieckman Old Ale with Black Cherries BBL
First Lisa Shroyer, Kara Stevens Cafe Latte Stout DRAFT
Second Keith Kost Wood-Aged Beer TRASH
Third Geoff Morris, CMI Club Brew Bourbon Barrel Strong Scotch Ale CMI – Cincinnati Malt Infusers
HM Jay Hulbert, Dave Howard, Jeff Gilley, Dan Brown, Chris Wright Oak Aged American Barleywine FOSSILS
First Gordon Strong Apple Pie Spiced Cyser St. Paul Homebrewers Club
Second Keith Kost Saison Braggot TRASH
Third Jennifer Hermann Almond Mead BBL
First Frank Barickman, Porter Barickman Rootbeer SODZ
Second Jason Roeper American Creamy Rootbeer BBL
Third David Collins Rootbeer BBL


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