Bloatarian Open 2010 Results

Best of Show: Jennifer Hermann – Imperial IPA


Runner Up Best of Show: Mark Brzezinski – Old Ale


Lager/Pilsner (9 Entries)
1 Classic American Pilsner John Zeller Mill Creek Classic American Pilsner
2 Munich Dunkel Kevin Moreland Black Horse lager
3 Bohemian Pilsner Darryl Dieckman Starry Night
HM German Pilsner Ray Snyder German Pilsner
Bock/Specialty (12 Entries)
1 Specialty Beer Doug Knight Red Rye Ale
2 Traditional Bock William Lakeberg twin medaows bock
3 Specialty Beer Jennifer Hermann Seven Thorned Rose
Hybrid (10 Entries)
1 California Common Beer Jennifer Hermann The Usual 420
2 Cream Ale Darryl Dieckman KYA
3 Cream Ale Kevin Moreland 2020 GOLD
HM California Common Beer Rob Westendorf Steamed
English Pale (8 Entries)
1 Extra Special/Strong Bitter (EPA) Brent Craft Cerberus ESB
2 Ordinary Bitter Ray Gerdes Muddy Creek Rooster
3 Extra Special/Strong Bitter (EPA) Doug Lasanen Blind Squirrel Pub Ale
Scottish & Irish/English Brown (9 Entries)
1 Strong Scotch Ale Keith Taylor Wee Heavy
2 Northern English Brown William Lakeberg birdhill ale
3 Scottish 80/- Andrew More Scottish 80/-
HM Northern English Brown Ray Snyder Northern English Brown
American Pale Ale (11 Entries)
1 American Pale Kevin Hardman Alpha Amy
2 American Pale Jennifer Hermann Holey Pail
3 American Pale Mark Hummeldorf Super-Hopped APA
HM American Pale Rob Westendorf 30 Minute Pale
American Amber/Brown (11 Entries)
1 American Brown Kevin Hardman Caribou Slobber
2 American Amber David Teska All American Amber Ale
3 American Amber Mark Hummeldorf Amber Alert
Porter/Stout (11 Entries)
1 Dry Stout Andrew More Dry Stout
2 Oatmeal Stout Kevin Hardman Queen City Stout
3 Brown Porter Phil McDermott Brown Porter
HM Oatmeal Stout Darryl Dieckman Bent Bike Stout
IPA (11 Entries)
1 Imperial IPA Jennifer Hermann Heraclitus
2 American IPA Mark Hummeldorf Hairy Chin IPA
3 American IPA Mark Hummeldorf Cincytennial Amber IPA
HM English IPA Andrew More
German Wheat/Belgium & French (11 Entries)
1 Belgian Specialty Rob Westendorf Cuvee de Beer Trips
2 Saison Keith Taylor Farmhouse Saison
3 Weizen Darryl Dieckman Weize Guy
HM Belgian Specialty Andy Melchers Rye Wit
Sour/Belgian Strong (11 Entries)
1 Belgian Blond Ale Rob Westendorf Belgian Blond
2 Belgian Dubbel Phil Meyer Dubbel
3 Berliner Weisse Rob Westendorf Berliner
HM Belgian Dark Strong Ale Andy Melchers Dark Strong
Strong Ale (8 Entries)
1 Old Ale Mark Brzezinski Old Ale
2 Old Ale Mark Hummeldorf Popeye Strong Ale
3 American Barleywine Keith Taylor St Clair Hole in One Barleywine
Spice/Herb/Vegetable/Wood Aged (10 Entries)
1 Classic Rauchbier Scott LaFollette Classic Rauchbier
2 Other Smoked Beer Tom Strycker Hull Smoked Mild
3 Wood-Aged Beer Phil McDermott WoodPA
HM Wood-Aged Beer David Teska Bardstown Ale
Mead/Cider (3 Entries)
1 Other Fruit Melomel Jennifer Hermann Berry Me
2 Semi-sweet Mead Ray Snyder Semi-sweet Mead
3 Fruit Cider Doug Lasanen Rasapple Blind Squirrel


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