Bloatarian Open 2012 Results

Best of Show: Mark Hummeldorf – Munich Helles

Best of Show Runner Up: Dave Harsh – Straight Lambic 

Place Category Brewer
1 01D: Munich Helles Hummeldorf, Mark
2 02A: German Pilsner (Pils) Westendorf, Robert
3 02A: German Pilsner (Pils) Stephenson, Bob
1 05B: Traditional Bock Gerdes, Ray
2 07B: California Common Beer Magnuszewski, William
3 03B: Oktoberfest/Marzen Gerdes, Ray
4 05C: Doppelbock Mckee, Tim
1 06D: American Wheat or Rye Beer Mckee, Tim
2 06B: Blonde Ale Maryo, Michael
3 06C: Kolsch Marcheski, Aaron
1 08A: Standard/Ordinary Bitter Marcheski, Aaron
2 08A: Standard/Ordinary Bitter Maryo, Michael
1 09E: Strong Scotch Ale Taylor, Keith
2 09E: Strong Scotch Ale Jackson, Brian
3 09D: Irish Red Ale Maryo, Michael
4 09D: Irish Red Ale Westendorf, Robert
1 10A: American Pale Ale Murray, Andrew
2 10A: American Pale Ale Imbus, Joe
3 10C: American Brown Ale Luers, Tom
1 12A: Brown Porter Melchers, Andy
2 12C: Baltic Porter Marks, Stephen
3 11B: Southern English Brown Ale Maryo, Michael
1 13C: Oatmeal Stout Brzezinski, Mark
2 13A: Dry Stout Mckee, Tim
3 13E: American Stout Roszkowski, Michael
1 14C: Imperial IPA Wallace, Bob
2 14B: American IPA Marks, Stephen
3 14B: American IPA Rave, Dan
1 15C: Weizenbock Westendorf, Robert
2 16A: Witbier Turain, Kevin
3 16E: Belgian Specialty Ale Melchers, Andy
4 16E: Belgian Specialty Ale Marks, Stephen
1 17D: Straight (Unblended) Lambic Harsh, David
2 17B: Flanders Red Ale Westendorf, Robert
3 17A: Berliner Weisse Westendorf, Robert
1 18D: Belgian Golden Strong Ale Murray, Andrew
2 18E: Belgian Dark Strong Ale Jackson, Brian
3 18B: Belgian Dubbel Taylor, Keith
4 18E: Belgian Dark Strong Ale Hummeldorf, Mark
1 19C: American Barleywine Harsh, David
2 19B: English Barleywine Taylor, Keith
3 19C: American Barleywine Gerdes, Ray
1 22C: Wood-Aged Beer Mckee, Tim
2 22C: Wood-Aged Beer Wallace, Bob
3 22C: Wood-Aged Beer Marks, Stephen
1 23A: Specialty Beer Mcdermott, Phil
2 23A: Specialty Beer Mcdermott, Phil
3 23A: Specialty Beer Talkers, Nick
1 27B: English Cider Taylor, Keith
2 25C: Other Fruit Melomel Westendorf, Roxanne
3 28A Imbus, Joe
4 26A: Metheglin Westendorf, Roxanne
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