Bockfest 2011 Results

Congratulation’s to Will Magnuszewski of the local Cincinnati Malt Infusers on winning Best of Show with his excellent Doppelbock at Bockfest homebrew competition! The full results are below:

BOS – Will Magnuszewski
BOS Runner Up – Kevin Incitti

Christian Moerlein 2012 Specialty Bock Winner – Michael Marino
Runner Up –  Jerome Wilson


  1. Dave Corbett
  2. Evan Tullius
  3. Brian Murray

Traditional Bock

  1. Bill Lakeberg
  2. Mark Brzezinski
  3. Michael Marino
  4. HM Jerome Wilson


  1. Will Magnuszewski
  2. Michael Lennox
  3. Michael Blackmore

Weizen / Specialty Bock

  1. Kevin Incitti
  2. Scott Greenwood
  3. Randy Simmons
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