Bloatarian Open 2017 Results

Best Of Show: Roxanne Westendorf – Specialty Cider

Runner Up Best Of Show: Jim Adkins – Mild


Light Lager/Pilsner
1 German Pils Wayne Wischerath Some Sort Of Pils
2 Festbier Mark Hauer Festivus Miracle
3 Czech Premium Pale Lager Tim Mckee, Mary Pat CZ Pils
1 Dunkles Bock Tim McKee & Mary Pat Bockflip
2 Doppelbock Frank Laske Doppelganger Doppelbock
3 Doppelbock Greg Schmidt, Maddy Schmidt, & Phil Didion Schmidion Lucky Dopplebock
English Pale/Scottish
1 Dark Mild Jimmy Adkins Jimmy 4 Gallon
2 English Brown Ale Pete Bender Nut Brown
3 English Brown Ale Jimmy Adkins My Debbie
American Beer
1 American Amber Ale Philip Meyer American Amber
2 American Amber Ale Jay Messner, Tom Cox MILF
3 American Brown Ale Jimmy Adkins Beer X
1 English Porter Jimmy Adkins My Emily
2 English Porter Mike Menke Brown Ale III
3 Baltic Porter Mike Radwanski Simply Balta
1 Imperial Stout Mike Radwanski Imperial Stout
2 Sweet Stout Greg Schmidt, Maddy Schmidt, Phil Didion Sweet Schmidion
3 Oatmeal Stout Andy Melchers Stout
HM Irish Stout Frank Laske Not Quite Guiness
1 American IPA Mike Menke Deceit
2 American IPA Michael Schuler 1902 Whitbread IPA With American Hops
3 Specialty IPA Andrew Schildknecht Cloudy With A Chance Of Hops
1 Weissbier Wayne Wischerath Some Sort Of Hefe
2 Trappist Single Jay Messner, Tom Cox She May
3 Saison Tim Mckee, Mary Pat Saison
HM Witbier Scott Schrader Wits Ends
Wild Ale
1 Mixed Fermentation Sour Beer Tim Mckee, Mary Pat American Sour
2 Wild Specialty Beer Doug Knight Raspberry Delight
3 Gose Jim Rupert Leaf Hopper
HM Wild Specialty Beer Daniel Geiser Burgundy Kiss
Sour Ale
1 Fruit Lambic Daniel Geiser, Jake Schoster Red Trance
2 Lambic Tim Mckee, Mary Pat Lambic
3 Berliner Weisse Doug Knight Classic Berliner
Belgian Strong Ale
1 Belgian Tripel Greg Schmidt, Maddy Schmidt, Phil Didion La Fin Du Schmidion
2 Belgian Blond Ale Daniel Geiser K.I.S.S. Belgian Blonde
3 Belgian Blond Ale Philip Meyer Belgian Blond
Strong Ale
1 American Barleywine Mike Radwanski Overton Barleywine
2 Wheatwine Mike Radwanski Naked Dad In The Alley
3 Old Ale Mike Radwanski Simply Old Ale
Fruit SHV
1 Winter Seasonal Beer Mike Radwanski New Orleans Christmas Ale
2 Spice, Herb, or Vegetable Beer Michael Schuler Slagathor
3 Fruit Beer Michael Schuler Adult Kool-Aid
1 Alternative Grain Beer Mike Menke Red Rye
2 Experimental Beer Jim Rupert Happy Place (Belgian Style Gose)
3 Specialty Wood-Aged Beer Jim Rupert Bourbon Barrel Solstic
1 Specialty Cider/Perry Roxanne Westendorf Experimental Cider
2 New World Cider Deborah Schehr Jimmy Apple Seed Cider
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