Bloated & Quoted

when taken out of context these can be pretty funny. we think that’s the whole point!

Overheard at 2017 Bloat Open & Evil Iron Brewer:

“Its minute has expired.”

Overhead at January Meeting:

“In college I majored in bongs and frisbee.” JB

Overhead at October Board Meeting:

“I’ve worn fishnets before.” AM

Overhead at August Board Meeting:

“I throw cheese at you!” MB

“You hunt for vegetarian bears?”

“Ray, you’re sorta the muscle.”  RW
“How much for nunchucks?!” RG

Overheard at the July Meeting:

“Chuck is the P&G Mr. Clean, but with a beer gut.” RW
“No, Chuck is the Uncle Fester of the Bloats!” DM

Overheard at the July Board Meeting:

“You’re gonna get smacked before the night is over!” MB

“Your junk would have been in flames!” MB

Overheard at May Board Meeting:

“I want a fucking gavel.” RW

“I’ll be happy to and bang on people to give us shit.” DLe

“I’m gonna breathe on  you later!” RS

“I can call a bunch of my derelict friends.” DLe

Overheard at National Homebrew Day:

“It was the first time I’ve had my brew ketter on another man’s burner.” THall

Overheard at Feb Board Meeting:

“Mayan Bockfest… the end of the Goat’s Head!” DM

“What else ya got ?”
“Massive Amounts of Indifference!” RS

“I retard… I mean retired!” RS

“We never even got to the sparge!” RW

“To all my predecessors… whatever possesed you?!” RW

Overheard at Beermas:

“I’m here to say that 150 degree grain will burn a cows lips” RS

“I’m going to grab his nuts and I’m going to squeeze them right now.”    Ray S.


“Many things are forgotten, but when they are remembered they are quite funny.” AM

“What stays at Beer & Propane stays at Beer & Propane.” DL

“You’re gonna get smacked before the night is over.” MB

“Your junk would have been in flames.” MB

Overheard at Bockfest 2012:
“I got sanitized by Zeller!” RG

“If you ain’t got a goat, a sheep is the next best thing.” JZ

“Now that’s the head you were looking for this morning!” RG to BB

Overheard at BJCP Class:
“Brandon, did you calculate HBU’s on the BJCP exam?” — “I did, and I felt like a whore.”

“Well, I didn’t suck the bottle.” BB

“Ron has a big-ass one.’ JZ

“Smells like ham.” DM

“Dicks not comin’ with his big equipment.” RW

“If they’ll handle your ego, they’ll handle my weight.” DH to JZ

“I drank it and my nipples got hard!” CD

“I’ve got no problem grabbing another man’s ass as long as there’s something in there I need.” SL

“John, this is Andy looking like he cares.” RS

“Redneck Old C***ts!” RS

“I need grief” PM

“I steeped my socks once and got something that smelled like this.” DL

“If it’s the green one, it’s huge!” RG

“So that’s what those Left Hand stickers are for!”

John has fathered kittens. RS

I wish I could get D to come. RG

Scott, is that a beaver on your glass? RS

It’s Hippie-Energy-Drink! RS

Anyone here want to hit this before I head out? RW

My mill can eat your mill!. SL

Ooh, that’s a big number (referring to the ABV of a beer). JB
not much later…
It’s only 10% you sissy! JB

Indiana’s always in the dark. RS

He squirreled it away on booze and whippets. JG

We’re only about 600ft. We’re not that high. DH

I don’t speak Martin. MH

If you get into quantum mechanics you’ll eventually get to the point where Zeller doesn’t exist. DH

Overheard at Beer and Deer:

I got my first hard-on at the garagemajal.  RG

Geez, I don’t want to drink that much of your beer.  RG

Overheard at the April Board Meeting:

We need to do a ‘Short-Bus’ trip. DH

Beer Y’all! RG

“Is he gay?” JZ   …  “Why? You interested?” RS

Open mike poetry meetings are worse than rap.  They’ll take ten years off your life.    DH

Overheard on the Bus Trip:

That’s like waiting for Zeller to mash. RS

I beLONG to Doug. NL

My balls are really sour.  MB    Your balls are sour.  JB

As much as it pains me to say this, your IPA is better than theirs.   DH to JZ

Sure, I’ll organize the next trip. (paraphrasing).  JB

Overheard at Bockfest 2011:

“A Delorean! Bet it has a Mash-Capacitor!” DM

“I only drink prime numbers.WM on seeing the lineup of leftover, number-labeled homebrew Bock beers.

Overheard at the Feb Garagemajal Brewout:

“You don’t care if I put my lips on it?” KB

“At least you got to see what I did with the sausage.” anon

Overheard at the Feb Board Meeting:

“Andy, make Ray a stamp!” RS “Poof! You’re a stamp!” AM

“Are you regretting not having such power in the past?” JZ to RS — RS to JZ “No. But it would have been more fun!”

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