April 2011

April Board Meeting Minutes

4.4.11 . Mahiques’ Residence

In attendance: Bob S., Phil M., Dick M., Mark H., Ray S., Ray G., Mark H., The Real JZ, Bryan E., Debbie M., Andy M.

Toast @ 7:35 PM

March Board Meeting minutes were approved.

Bulk hop order: One person not paid yet.  Dick M. to finish distributing the hops.

Financial: Phil M. read quarterly financial report.


  • A vote on a resolution to adopt amended articles of incorporation identifying the BBL as a non-profit social organization was held at the March membership meeting. The resolution passed.
  • A vote on a resolution to authorize the board to take all actions necessary to file the Certificate of Amendment for the amended articles with the Ohio Secretary of State was also held at the March membership meeting. The resolution passed.
  • A resolution to ratify and adopt the Code of Conduct that was published and available for member review on the club website will be voted on at the April membership meeting.

Beer and Sweat: Ray G. to collect raffle prizes.  Nothing to be done until after Bloat Open.  Andy to mail donors, Dick and Bill Lakeburg to package prizes.  Jay M. agreed to help contact vendors.  Bob S. to help week of competition.

April Club Meeting: Rivertown to present.  Andy M. to confirm content.

Big Brew Day: Hosted by Rivertown Brewing.

Beer and Propane:

Bloat Open: Scott LaFollette organizing.  Andy M. to work with Ray S. on registration site for Bloat Open.  Entry deadline tentatively set for May 10th.

Website: Pictures to move from Flickr to Picasa.  Need to check on how to link Picasa pictures in with website.

Library Presentation: Presentation was a success.  Another presentation is scheduled for June 21st.  Ray G. has agreed to help out; if anyone else is interested contact Ray G.

Meeting adjourned at 9:00 PM.

Bloatarian Open is Coming

We will be holding the Bloatarian Open, our annual club-only competition on May 21st at the Reading Terraqua Club.  More information will be coming after the April club meeting.  Winners get bragging rights for the remainder of the year.  If you have a beer that beats Zeller’s beer for Best of Show, you are highly encouraged to make a t-shirt to announce the feat.

April Club Meeting

Norwood Community Center, 1810 Courtland Avenue, Cincinnati, OH (map)

The brewers (and longtime BBL members) Jason & Randy from Cincinnati’s newest microbrewery Rivertown Brewing Co, located in Lockland, will visit to discuss the scales of brewing from the homebrew level, moving to a production volume and the challenges that come with it. Q&A session after.


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