Club Meeting Presentations

July 2017 – Fast Lager Methods (web videoWord doc)

June 2017 – Bock (web video, PowerPoint)

February 2017 – Infusions in Beer with Scott LaFollette of Blank Slate Brewing Company (web video)

November 2016 – Reiterated Mashing (Word doc – notes, pdf – C. Colby recipe and notes)

July 2016 – Quick Souring Techniques with Josh Elliott of Urban Artifact (web video)

June 2016 – pH Meters (web video)

November 2015 – Brett Fermentations (web video, pdf – Brett handout, pdf – Gordon’s article)

June 2015 – Brewing Water with Martin Brungard (web video)

April 2015 – Intro to Automation and Automation – Fermentation Control (Word documents)

September 2014 – Porters and Stouts (Word document)

July 2014 – Fruit Beers (web video)

February 2014 – Homebrewing Cask Ales (web video)

April 2013 – Sour Beers with Jason Roeper of Rivertown Brewing (web video)

February 2013 – Belgian Dark Ales (web video)

July 2012 – Hop Aroma: What is it and how do I get it? (web video)

June 2012 – Fermenting Under Pressure (web video)

April 2012 – All About Hops (growing, harvesting, usage, utilization) (web video)

November 2011 – Reusing Yeast (link to Word documents)

June 2011 – German Wheat Beers (pdf)

March 2011 – Thermometer Calibration and Basic Brewing Math (link to pdfs and Excel spreadsheet)

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