March 2011

New Website – Can’t You Guys Leave Things Alone?

If you’ve been looking at the new website from time to time over the last month, you may notice that things have been changing on a nearly daily basis.  Part of that is from us just moving all the content from the old website over to the new one.  As we add new content, more menus and options appear.  And once we add new content, we decide to maybe rearrange things to make the site more functional.  And sometimes we’ve tried something out and decided a feature or widget didn’t work the way we thought it would, so we tried something else.  And the rest of it is just playing with the multitude of options for how to change the look and feel of the site (read: we’re geeking out).

As far as the actual content goes, here’s an overview of where to find everything.


Updates on events related to the club will mostly be present in the posts.  These will be the most prominent part of the website.


The sidebar will contain brief info and links that for items that we want a little more permanent than the Posts.  There’s a lot of options for what we can throw there, and we’ve been trying a lot out.  The sidebar will always display the latest BBL Twitter feed, a link to our photos, and a sitemap.  After that, everything is fair game.  We’ll try to stick to useful stuff.

Menu Bar

The menu bar at the top of the website is the main way to navigate through the website.  On the left is the Home menu item for getting back to the front page of the website.  Just next to that in the About menu we have pages for Club Documents (such as our Code of Regulations), club contact information, and a PayPal link for renewing your membership.  Next is the Sponsors page which lists all of the sponsors which have graciously supported our club (and you should support too!).  Next is the Bosmopolitan News page in which you will find the newsletter each month along with an archive of old newsletters.  After that the BBL Competitions menu has pages for Bockfest, the Bloatarian Open and for Beer and Sweat.

The next two links on the menu are for Upcoming Competitions and for Upcoming BBL Events.  These are two separate Google calendars which will be updated regularly.  We separated competitions from other events so the people who don’t enter competitions can just get a listing of local events.  If you have a Google account and would like to add either (or both) calendars to your own calendar, just click the Add button on the bottom right corner of the calendar.  From then on, updates to the Bloatarian calendar will be reflected in your personal calendar.

At the end of the Menu is the Bloated & Quoted section.  This is the all important section in which you’ll find those quotes from people who forget that a pen and paper is always handy.

There’s the quick overview of the new website.  If there’s anything you would like to see on the site, let us know and we’ll see what we can do.

AHA National Homebrewer Competition Entries

The esteemed John Zeller is driving entries for the National Homebrew Competition to Indianapolis.  If you have an entry for the competition and don’t want to ship, get your entry to John before he leaves for Indy on March 23rd.  You can either make arrangements to drop off your entry at John’s place or bring your entry into the March club meeting on Friday.  Listermann’s and Paradise Brewing are also accepting entry drop-offs.  Chris N. from CMI will be picking up entries from Listermann’s and from Paradise Brewing on March 22nd and dropping them off with John.  Be sure to have your entry properly labeled per the Official Rules and Regulations.

Good luck to everyone!

March Board Meeting Minutes

3.7.11 . Gerdes Residence

In attendance: Ray G., Mark H., Ray S., Phil M., Dick M., Mark H., Bryan E., John Z., Brian B.

Toast @ 7:40 PM

Bockfest: Tell highest scoring Bloatarian to send their entry to AHA COC.

Thanks to all the volunteers for making Bockfest such a success!

Beer Competition Online Entry- Ray S. liked the tool for entry and judge registration.  Didn’t find the tool as useful for after registration.  Ray will talk with Scott and Andy about usage for Bloat Open and Beer and Sweat.

Legal: Halted work with Vorys.  Need to file Articles of Incorporation and Federal IRS filing.  Looking into doing this work ourselves moving forward.  Need to vote on Articles of Incorporation.  Debate upon whether to have vote at club meeting or just do an e-mail vote. Board decided to have vote at next club meeting.

Bryan to get Code of Regulations published to members for future vote.  Needs to be published at least 30 days before vote, so must be published by March 15th for vote at April club meeting.

In future, club will need to break down revenue as being from members and non-members for tax reasons.

Beer and Sweat: Should we start getting contract in place with Drawbridge Inn for 2012 Beer and Sweat?  Ray G. to discuss with Andy.

Raffle coordinator for Beer and Sweat?

Bus trip: Reviewed bus trip itinerary.  Bryan E. to send out to participants.

Group Brewouts: Mahan to host in June.  National Homebrew Day on May 7th at Rivertown.  Ray G. working with Chris N. from CMI on logistics.

April meeting topic: Rivertown Brewery to host?  Ray G. to contact Rivertown.

AHA National Homebrew Competition: John Zeller volunteered to drive entries to Indy.  Contact John on dropping off your entry.

Cincinnati Beer Story: OK with CET filming at Beer and Sweat?  Board approved.

Meeting adjourned at 9:05 PM

April Board Meeting

Mon, April 4, 7pm – 11pm
7573 North Pisgah Drive, West Chester Township, OH (map)
The April board meeting will be held at Dick Mahiques house in West Chester. Please attend if you have any business related to the club.

Intro to Homebrewing Presentation

Tue, March 29, 7pm – 8pm
6525 Bridgetown Road Cincinnati, Ohio 45248 (map)
The Bloatarians will be conducting an Introduction to Homebrewing at the Green Township Branch Library. If you are interested in learning more about homebrewing, contact the Green Township Branch Library about information on attending
This newsletter was written under the influence of New Glarus Coffee Stout.
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