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November Meeting Video – Reiterated Mashing Techniques

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February Club Meeting- Robust Porter Competition

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At the February meeting, we will hold a competition for the club Robust Porter recipe posted on the Bloatarian website.  Not only was this recipe created by the club as a group, this competition will be judged by all attendees at the February meeting (no judging experience necessary – this is going to be a fun, learning experience).  The club has plenty of certified judges who will offer assistance to anyone with questions – part of the reason for this competition is to help further everyone’s understanding of beer.  When you arrive at the meeting, please sign in with your BJCP rank.  When judging begins, we want to make sure experienced judges are evenly distributed around the room.


For first round judging, all meeting attendees will judge two random entries.  This should ensure that each entrant will receive at least five score sheets which should allow entrants to get plenty of feedback.  After first round judging, all entries will enter a mini-BOS round and all attendees will participate in this round of judging as well.  Due to entry count, we will split the entries to different tables for this round.  Each table will do its own mini-BOS and will have at least one highly ranked judge to help walk the table members through the process.  From each mini-BOS, we will advance a select number of entries to the Best Of Show judging to be conducted by the clubs most experienced, highly ranked judges.  A winner will emerge and there will be much rejoicing!


For Entrants:  In order to supply enough beer for the whole club to judge, the entry requirements are a bit higher than a normal competition.  You must bring either:
  • 10 12-ounce bottles
  • 6 22-ounce bottles
  • 2 half gallon growlers
  • a corny keg
The recipe on the Bloatarian web site must be followed to enter the competition (please notify Mark Brzezinski if the hops for your recipe were not available).  You must notify Mark Brzezinski by email ( before 8:00 PM Monday, February 16 with your intent to enter and the type on packaging for your entry (of the four above).  You will then receive entry labels by return email which you should attach to your entries by rubber band (no adhesives please).  Please be at the Norwood Community Center no later than 7:10 on Friday, February 20 with your entries.


Good luck to everyone and see you on the 20th – JA-EEEP!!
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Fruit Beers – July 2014 Presentation

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February Club Meeting — Cask Ales

February 5, 2014 Comments off

February 21, 2014  —  7-11pm at Norwood Community Center

Tom Hall, General Manager (and cask beer enthusiast) of Rivertown Brewing Company … now Moerlein Brewing Company… will visit to discuss how to make Cask Ale! Come learn the techniques and equipment used to create this classic style.

Homebrewing Cask Ales with Tom Hull from Bosmo on Vimeo.

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John Zeller SmackDown IPA Tapping!

October 22, 2013 Comments off

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There will be another tapping of JZ’s SmackDown IPA at @MoerleinLH on Weds 11-6 — Pack the house & celebrate JZ with this killer IPA!!

The inaugural tapping of the commemorative JZ SmackDown IPA will occur at 5:30pm sharp Friday, October 25th at Listermann Brewing Company. Join us as we remember our dear friend and brother in beer with a pint (or four.)

Brewed at Listermann Brewing (Kevin, Dan, Chuck, etc) with contributions and in collaboration by members of BBL along with Blank Slate (Scott), Market Garden (Jennifer), Moerlein (Gregg) and EightBall (Mitch) and more, this IPA celebrates John’s epic victory in the Great IPA SmackDown of 2010 which proclaimed JZ as a real brewer and not a pussy. 


Fireside pizza wagon will be on location slinging pies

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September Club Meeting — LAGERS!

September 11, 2013 Comments off

September 20, 2013  —  7-11pm at Norwood Community Center

Are you ready to try your hand at making a lager? Intimidated by all the talk about temperature and refrigeration, not to mention the mysteries of yeast? Fear no more! Our own Mark Brzezinski will lead us through an introduction to lager fermentation. It’s timely, as you should be getting ready to brew your entries for next year’s BockFest about now!
See you Friday!

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SAVE THE DATE! Beer & Propane – Sept 27 & 28

August 28, 2013 Comments off

Come out and join us to camp, drink, eat and BREW!

Beer & Propane 2013

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