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How To Create Your Homebrewery On Untappd

  1. You can only create a homebrewery on Untappd at the same time you are also entering one of your beers. Have the name of your beer, its style, its estimated abv and IBUs, and the name of your homebrewery ready when you start.
  2. Go to
  3. Enter one of your beers in the search bar at the top right (you should use the entry name you are going to use at Beer & Sweat)
  4. Click ‘See More’
  5. Scroll to bottom of page and click ‘You can add it here’
  6. Scroll to bottom of page and fill in the block ‘Brewery Name’
  7. Click ‘Don’t see your brewery? Click here to add it.’
  8. Click ‘Select Brewery Type…’ and select Home Brewery
  9. In the next block, select ‘United States’
  10. Add abv, IBUs, style, and description for the beer
  11. Click ‘Add New Beer’
  12. On the new page created for your beer, click the link of your brewery name
  13. This is your brewery page – bookmark it
  14. Click the link on the right ‘Claim This Brewery’
  15. Fill out the pop up form

Your homebrewery is now created on Untappd and you already have one beer assigned to it.  Enter more beers to your brewery in the same manner.  At entry time for Beer & Sweat, supply the competition coordinator your Untappd beer IDs through the contact link on the competition site.  Follow these steps to find them:

  1. Go to your brewery page and click on the link in the top block for your beers
  2. Click on the link for your first beer
  3. Capture the number after the last slash in the URL – this is your beer ID
  4. Repeat this for the rest of your beers
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